Soil Tests

Our technicians frequently use soil probes to check for excessive thatch layers, stunted root growth, and poor water drainage when servicing your lawn.

Mr Green Lawncare Corporation also offers a soil testing service through MSU. A basic soil test usually includes analysis of soil pH, phosphorus, and potassium levels.

Soil test kits are available through Mr Green Lawncare Corporation. We will collect the soil sample and forward the information to Michigan State University for testing. A small testing fee may be attached to the service.

You may also purchase a kit to perform a soil test at your own convenience at the following page:

“A healthy lawn or garden starts with knowing the condition of your soil. The Soil Test Self-Mailer provides you with everything you need to make the process easy. Simply place one cup of your soil in the plastic bag provided, place the postage-paid envelop in your mailbox and within 2 weeks via an email link you will receive a custom fertilization program to meet the needs of your plants.”