Turf News

Irrigation Tips

  • Water frequently.
  • Michigan lawns need 1″ weekly. That means applying 1/10″ – 2/10″ of irrigation daily.
  • Watering between 12-4PM (during the heat of the day) helps to cool the turf during the hottest part of day and eliminates heat stress.  You are replenishing the moisture when it’s needed most.
  • Watering between 12-4PM, the non-peak usage times for most cities, may help to control water rates for the community.
  • When you have areas around the edges starting to brown out, increase watering in these areas.  These areas are usually in direct sunlight and often next to a curb or sidewalk, which are known heat conductors (hot spots) that allow weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds to invade.
  • Make sure your sprinkler heads are adjusted properly to cover all the turf.  Landscaping material can grow quickly and interfere with the watering pattern.

See above: An example of cement heat conductors drying out the edges of the turf.

Mowing Tips

  • Mow high and maintain a minimum 3″ mowing height.
  • Mow often; do not take more than 1/3 off at one mowing. (Following this rule, you should mow when the turf reach 4 1/2″ to remove 1/3 the blade and end with 3″.)
  • Mowing high is healthier for the turf. It reduces stress during heat and drought plus helps to develop a deeper root system.
  • Mowing high helps crowd out weeds by keeping the soil cooler and eliminating the likelihood of weed seed germination.
  • Mulching returns the clippings to the lawn which returns the organic material to the soil. “Mow high and let it lie”.
  • Be careful not to weed-wack too short, or edge too large a void, when maintaining the edges of your property. This stresses the lawn and allows an open door for disease, insects, and/or weeds.
  • Avoid scalping the edges of your turf by running the mower on uneven surfaces (caused by one wheel on the turf, and one on the sidewalk/curb).